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Renacer Foundation

I had the privilege to capture the Fundacion Renacer graduation act, a few weeks earlier someone from the Organization offered for me to be the official photographer for this act and I agreed with no hesitation. I knew a bit about the Foundation but when I was offered the job I did some research in order to understand more about the work they do; when I was doing it I was blown away on the work this non-profit organization does.

The foundation main objective is to help young people who live in foster care, to join the labour force with lots of comprehensive training. Usually, when these kids reach adulthood (18 years) they are no longer under the government's protection and in most cases, they haven't finished their education, and have no place where to live. So the foundation in coordination with foster homes helps these young adults to get more education and secure a job.

Poma Group is responsible for this beautiful initiative to give young people the opportunities they need to become better citizens and to help them have a better life. When these young people graduates not only receive a diploma, they also are granted with a job within the Businesses who have partnerships with the foundation.

And thankfully I was there to capture this milestone...

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